Provide Optimum Security for Your Home with These Three Tech Upgrades

Keeping your belongings and loved ones safe is a goal that most people have in common. Sure, you hope and pray that your home is never burglarized, vandalized, or damaged by some natural disaster, but the truth is you can’t predict the future.

Luckily, modern technology has afforded many homeowners with the peace of mind that they need. New advancements have taken home security systems from the wired annoyances they used to be, to top of the line, state of art, systems that can be easily monitored and managed from home or while on the go.

If you’re looking to beef up the security in your home, consider some of these upgrades:

  1. Security Cameras

While you may have thought that security cameras were something for businesses and commercial properties, they can also come in handy right in your own home. Many homeowners have opted to add a few cameras to their home as an added level of security. Video surveillance allows you to see what’s going on inside and outside of your home without having to put yourself in harm’s way.

Not only do security cameras allow you to see various angels of your home, but they are also beneficial for helping the local authorities to catch criminals that were lurking around your property or trying to break in. even points out that newer models of ADT security cameras have added features that allow you to access your cameras from your smartphone. This would make it easy for you to check in on your children, or even your pets when you’re away from home.

  1. Home Automation Technology

Another great upgrade to consider with your home security system is home automation technology, also referred to as. Many security systems now allow you to combine two way wireless communications. By downloading a mobile app, homeowners are not only able to see what is going on inside their homes, but control it as well. You can monitor your home in real time, access your security pad, turn your lights off and on, lock doors, and even adjust the temperature in the home. Having someone house-sit while you’re out of town, what better way to be able to access your security features without having to give out such personal information (i.e. your access code). This is also great for parents who have teenagers that often get home before parents are out of work.

Cool Technology: If you’re really into gadgets, you might want to consider wearable technology options. Apple recently developed a watch which has all the functions of a smartphone. You could easily view your security footage, turn lights on and off, or change the temperature with the push of a button.

  1. Environmental Sensors

While it is certainly important to protect your home against the likes of criminals, that is not the only thing that could cause harm to your household. Natural disasters and other environmental issues can wreak havoc on your home. This might include fires, floods, or gas leaks. While you probably have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors, these alarms are nothing more than noise makers. Should you be away from your home when the danger arises, you won’t be able to hear the alarms go off.

New security system upgrades can help in that regard. By installing environmental sensors throughout your home, when triggered, the sensors will set off an alarm and send a notification to the security monitoring center. From there, the customer service rep can contact you to find out if authorities should be called. This feature can ultimately save your home, as it can be the difference between having to repaint a few damaged walls to having to rebuild your home.

It’s certainly true that you can’t be prepared for everything that might happen to you in life, but technology is doing wonders to try and minimize the potential risks. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home security system, or are purchasing one for the first time, the above three technological upgrades and features will certainly help to keep your home and your loved ones as safe and secure as possible.

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