Protecting the Cloud with MSK Security Solution

MSKlogoMany people go wrong by relying completely on the data protection provided by default in the database server , like password setting and good DB version, well now a day this is not enough.

One of the most important feature that is considered as a part of the CIA triad is ensuring data integrity, there are situations in which even if there are strong system protection data security is a big concern, On a daily bases examples of incident that can show how an insider employer cracked a database server using a simple brute force tool over the terminal connection and sold the sensitive customer information to any third party.

Having a physical security measures for the local area network will not solve this threat, because an insider can simply make a man in the middle attack to gain access to the database. At this level he can read the entries, modify it or simply remove it without discovering who was responsible for this attack, well such a gap in the corporate environment can lead to serious breaches.

MSK Security Company has made a solution for all these threats by providing an effective way designed to allow secure login, payment processing and digital signature.MSK Security uses the multi-factor authentication system, something you know (Password, Image and patterns), something you have (OTP Tokens, Smart Card and Unique client programs), something you are (Finger print, Retina, DNA and Picture ID from a trusted source).

These methods of authentication can build a strong layer in defending information system especially for the banking sites, however bad guys do not fake this as well, the next scenario of attack will be a phishing an email scam that can be sent by an insider or from an internet user asking to confirm your account information as well with a URL link leads to an identical banking website owned by the attacker, The site asks for your user name and password, as well as the token-generated key.

MSK Security Company has also solved this type of attack by inventing the “Non-Linear authentication”, with this technology user’s can never give away the credentials even if they wanted to. The technology is based on three parties the End-user, the service (can be also website) and the Authentication service (Auth server). firstly the end-user and the service have to authenticate themselves to the Authentication service, the next step is the end-user picks a service to login to, the service then authenticate itself, now the end-user authenticates to the authentication-service, finally the end-user logs in. so all these mechanisms helps customer to eliminate many attacks such as: SQL injection, key loggers, phishing, pharming and the Man-in-the-Middle.

MSK Security Company makes customers feel more secure and safe, where all the access rights are set and all reporting is done with a full customization to the type of reporting that the customer requires. You can find more details about MSK Security services on the official website.

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