Protect Your Privacy

Today it is not a secret the amount of information that we can find on internet. This can touch personal and organizational information. Tracking any user is possible over different online services like whois or dnslookup….

Nice example can be found on , this post demonstrate how it will be possible from receiving a simple email to find all information related to the sender, as Sender City ,sender Region, postal Code… up to google map to find where he live amazing.

This all without checking the social network privacy issue like facebook , the more we spend time on social network websites the more we risk our privacy.

A nice advice on this post:

I think you get the idea.. essentially.. guard your personal information with your life. Never post your phone number on the internet (unless you’re using a proxy number, which is what I do), and make sure no personal information is associated with your email address before you go firing off emails to strangers.

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