Protect your Holiday!

laptop beachNow a day we can find Wireless network everywhere in the airport, hotels, coffee shops and neighbors.

But if we search on these networks we rarely find secure ones that respect security issues for users, staff and also for home use, I wanted on this post to share some interesting tools at this time while summer is considered the season of holidays and leisure.

The first one is Netstumbler, this tool is considered as one of the best and most popular Wardriving tool. Network stumbler will search for the AP location and export info in a logfile which next can helps in converting the log in Google KML format and in a few seconds shows the location on Google Maps or Google Earth if you have it on your Pc.

For locating the active access points Netstumbler uses an active scanner so not just detecting the signal but in each second it sends a special frame (LC/SNAP frame) that helps to have a new IDS system.
Well the negative point in this tool that it runs just under windows XP and this scanner does not help in detecting the hidden access points and the information provided by this tool are not fantastic, for example it just indicates that the Wi-Fi are using encryption without providing information about the type of encryption used. So this tool we can start with to have some graphs and starting information about the network.

The second tool I have chosen is Vistumbler, Vistumbler supports Windows Vista and windows 7, supports GPS, and the funny point in this tool that it is developed using AutoIt Scripting Language.

Another utility for pentesting wireless network is inSSIDer the fact that Netstumbler do not support windows vista and even 64-bit XP Charle Pulney decided to make his own tool for searching wireless network that has been published in The Code Project. This application has a beautiful interface based on a Native Wi-Fi API and uses like Netstumbler the active method scan.

These tools can help in testing the performance of your WLAN but there still other to come.

To be continued….

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