Protect your Holiday! (part 3)

laptop beachThe idea of working with a wireless network is always risky unless you make sure of the WLAN security, as we talked in the last post of protect your holiday we will add some tools that can helps in pentesting your wireless network.

Unfortunately not everyone aware of the risk in using such a wireless network, let’s start here by Void11. Void11 is used to Deautheticate clients on the WLAN, or in our way ignoring a client from accessing the wireless network, after disabling the client from the network he will start to try acceding the WLAN, so you have to ignore him one more time. In each time the victim will try to connect he will send traffic with the authentication keys. While exchanging the keys the attacker can take the victims place on the network using his Mac address and by pass the Mac restriction. Unfortunately, this tool works well only under Linux system.

The next tool for this add is WIFIZOO, this tool demonstrate how it’s easy to detect different information in open WI-FI networks. Application objective is to get info from the whole network passively. The tool has a beautiful interface but not only gathers SSID data. It also adds client info like, IP addresses, and passwords of some protocols (Pop3/ftp/telnet). Mail traffic, Http traffic. As a result you can listen to the whole traffic in the wireless interface. But the disadvantage of using WIFIZOO that it has no channel hopping but you can configure Kismet to do this.

The last tool for this series is WIRELESSKEYVIEW, in some cases we forget our keys for the AP, and this tool is the perfect fit for this situation, in which it recovers system WEP/WPA keys. So this works like wireless zero configuration in windows XP and WLAN AutoConfig for Vista.

So think about securing your wireless network try these tools to check the security level of your network and it is always recommended to monitor all your event logs.

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RT @MBenLakhoua: Protect your Holiday! (part 3) (via @sectechno) #Wardriving #Pentesting #security #Wireless #Wi-fi


Protect your Holiday! (part 3) (via @sectechno) #Wardriving #Pentesting #security #Wireless #Wi-fi


RT @Sectechno Protect your Holiday! (part 3) | SecTechno