Prot-On Protect Your Privacy

Today we have a lot of online resources where we share our pictures, documents, videos and files. Sharing the information is possible but it is very hard to control what we are sharing.

That’s why we need to have a solution that will control any file that we own and at any moment. So for example we can send a file and make it open for certain users and we may block the access to this file at any moment.

I have tried Prot-On an innovative security solution that can help to protect photos, video, audio, documents or emails from your phone and decide and know at all times who and when they can see it or use it, even after it was sent.

Prot-On is a cloud based solution that uses advanced encryption to lock your documents if you regret having sent it, with one click you are able to give back or block permissions remotely. The program is very solid in integration with other applications such as Dropbox, Firefox, Google chrome or even social media websites to make Prot-On automatically associate with your account. So you can select this link to make it public while block at any moment the same link you have just shared.

You can protect text emails or you can just use a special plug-in MS-Office (Outlook) that will protect the message you have sent. All data is encrypted with AES 128 or 256 which is the standard secure algorithm that may not be cracked.  There is a free version that can help users to protect their files and data they own.


You can download Prot-On at the official website:

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