Process Hacker Tool for Manipulating System Services and Processes

Windows operating system contain services and processes, some of them are required for certain tasks or operations other consume the memory without any usage and some are on the system with a malicious intent.

To detect and resolve what you are running on your system you can consider Process Hacker very useful tool that will make your system naked, all you need to do is executing the program on the system you need to analyzer and you will have the following:

1-  Process Information and functionality:

You can list processes with (process ID, CPU consumption, user name and a short description of the process) by selecting the process and clicking on right mouse button you can terminate, suspend, and restart the process.

You can open process file location , search the process name online to check more information directly from the tool,  it is also possible to send it for several online services such as Virus total , or comodo without making any complicated actions.

Snapshot for process hacker tool (click to enlarge)

 2- Service information and functionality:

Here you can have list of services running on the system and you can stop certain services as you need.

3-  Network information and functionality  

On the network tab you can find list of application or services running with type of protocol in use and local port with status if it is in wait for connection or not.

Process Hacker is very important tool if you are looking to conduct a dynamic malware analyses with sandboxing as you can have a virtual box with several version of operating system and execute the malware next you check what changes in the system before and after execution.

You can download Process Hacker by following this link:

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