Process Hacker 2.32 – Utility to manage Windows process and services

Process hacker is one of the leading tool for manipulating processes and services, this is important for monitoring the changes when you are investigating a malicious code. you will need this tool in your sandbox to identify any new process created during executing the malicious code. Utility provides detailed debugging information for the selected process, verifies the ability to perform DLL Injection attack, defines some of the techniques of masking rootkits.

Process HackerScreenshot for Process Hacker (Click to enlarge)

There was a previous post for this tool on our blog and in the new version developers added the following improvement:

  1. Fixed some bugs relating to Windows 8
  2. Added upload progress
  3. Fixed bug where process priorities were not actually saved
  4. Fixed module list not updating properly
  5. DLL enumeration crash

You can download the tool on the following Link: