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Simple DNSCrypt – Dnscrypt-proxy Management Software

Simple DNSCrypt is a tool that may allow user to manage DNSCrypt proxy server on windows operating system. encrypting the DNS traffic

Privacy Badger – Browser Extension to Block Trackers

Privacy Badger is a web browser extension that can be installed on Firefox or Chrome browsers. The extension blocks tracking cookies, trackers

MITMEngine – MITM (monster-in-the-middle) Detection Tool

MITMEngine is a Cloudflare project that allow for accurate detection of HTTPS interception and robust TLS fingerprinting.

heads – Privacy Distribution to Stay Secure and Anonymous

heads is a libre (free as in freedom) GNU/Linux distribution. It aims to be a distro that respects your privacy, freedom, and helps you to stay secure and anonymous.

uBlock – Blocker for Chromium and Firefox

uBlock Origin is not an ad blocker; it’s a general-purpose blocker. The browser extension blocks ads through its support of the Adblock Plus filter syntax.

ProxyCap – Makes Your System Proxy Aware

ProxyCap enables you to redirect your computer’s network connections through proxy servers. You can tell ProxyCap which applications will connect.

Privacy Eraser – Clean up all Internet History Traces

Privacy Eraser is an easy to use solution for protecting your privacy by deleting your browsing history and other computer activities.