PivotSuite – Network Pivoting Toolkit

PivotSuite is a portable, platform independent and powerful network pivoting toolkit, Which helps Red Teamers / Penetration Testers to use a compromised system to move around inside a network. It is a Standalone Utility, Which can use as a Server or as a Client.

PivotSuite - Network Pivoting Toolkit
PivotSuite – Network Pivoting Toolkit

Server usage:

If the compromised host is directly accessible (Forward Connection) from pentest machine, Then you can run the toolkit as a server on compromised machine and access the different subnet hosts from attacker machine.

Client usage:

If the compromised host is behind a Firewall / NAT and isn’t directly accessible from pentest machine, Then we can run the toolkit as a server on pentest machine and client on compromised machine for creating a reverse tunnel (Reverse Connection).

Some of the key features with this tool:

  1. Supported Forward & Reverse TCP Tunneling
  2. Supported Forward & Reverse socks5 Proxy Server
  3. UDP over TCP and TCP over TCP Protocol Supported
  4. Corporate Proxy Authentication (NTLM) Supported
  5. Inbuilt Network Enumeration Functionality, Eg. Host Discovery, Port Scanning, OS Command Execution
  6. PivotSuite allows to get access to different Compromised host and their network, simultaneously (Act as C&C Server)
  7. Single Pivoting, Double Pivoting and Multi-level pivoting can perform with help of PivotSuite.
  8. PivotSuite also works as SSH Dynamic Port Forwarding but in the Reverse Direction.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/RedTeamOperations/PivotSuite

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