Phoneme- Script to encrypt your Gmail

We constantly use online services for sending emails or messages, encryption is very important to prevent third party from reading our emails that are stored in the mailbox. Phoneme is a script that you can use to encrypt Gmail inbox folders with your personal gpg keys.

The script will take clear text message that do not include “BEGIN PGP MESSAGE” in the body and encrypt them with your public key and remove the plaintext original message to trash folder so you do not encrypt the same message one more time.

You need first to setup GPG and generate your public key to encrypt Gmail messages and use python gnupg (pip install python-gnupg) to run the script. commands are as follows:

#Run python

Enter Gmail username

Enter Gmail password

 pgpifyEncrypting Gmail emails with Phoneme (click to enlarge)

That’s it. You will have the emails encrypted next delete emails that you have in the trash folder.

If you are looking to read more details follow this link:

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