Phishing spam targeting AmericanExpress Accounts

New email phishing have been spotted by Dynamoo’s blog that is targeting American express customers,  the fake message notify user that they have a security problem with their account and invite them to decline a new charges by opening the phishing web page which is http://**-**.com/americanexpress/ and logon with their credentials.

American Express Credit Cards, Rewards, Travel and Business Services - Mozilla F_2014-08-10_15-01-14Phishing website screenshot for  American express

The page is similar to the American express official website and each time the victim will type his credential it will display that the User ID and password is incorrect. At the moment there are several similar phishing website while the IPs are belonging to ISPs in Ukrain and Romania.

If you receive a similar fake message make sure to delete/ignore the email and report it to your bank. Usually the bank will never send email to make account changes but they will call customer to make any update.

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