Phishing Simulation – Phishing Assessment Tool

Phishing Simulation mainly aims to increase phishing awareness by providing an intuitive tutorial and customized assessment (without any actual setup – no domain, no infrastructure, no actual email address) to assess people’s action on any given situation and gives ability to understand what is the current awareness posture.

Phishing Simulation - Phishing Assessment Tool
Phishing Simulation – Phishing Assessment Tool

The tool have mainly 2 modules:

  • Admin Module : Which has access to setup test and view analysis, can be accessed at at http://localhost/AdminPanel/login.php, default login credentials are admin/admin
  • Client Module : Which only has access to tutorial and assessment, can be accessed at http://localhost/phishClient/

The tool will not just allow user to run security assessment or create a phishing website but will give client Q&A to make training on different phishing scenario.

There are overall 4 modules that user may run the first is a Tutorial, second is to evaluate the client by collecting actions performed on the testing server with graphs and charts , third to create customized phishing content and the last is an assessment for all the group of users which can be separated by configured domain.

Some of the benefits are:

  • This will eliminate the need to set up entire phishing campaign manually and ‘live’ phishing environment.
  • Assessment is customized, which will make it targeted attack for target user.
  • An intuitive and interactive interface to exercise the entire process.
  • No need to have pen-tester or consultant to carryout phishing campaign, you can do it yourself with few clicks.
  • Know your people and make them aware.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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