Phishing Scam Targeting Gmail Users

Phishing is one of the widely used attacks to compromise online users account, another phishing case have been observed by Sophos experts where they found a phishy website that are targeting Google users.

The attacker will start by sending spamming message that pretend to be from Google asking to update username and password otherwise account will be suspended:

Dear Account User,

Thanks for updating your e-mail address with us.We changed your recovery e-mail address in our files to this is correct, you can disregard this e-mail. If the new e-mail address is not correct or you did not request this change. Follow the instruction in updating your account

However, Failure to do so may result in account suspension permanently.

Thanks for using Gmail!.



The message contained a link leads to cybercriminal website and going to send inserted credential to attackers, and as you can see from the next screenshot it is identic to Gmail website :

Scereenshot for the phishing website (click to enlarge)

If you receive a similar message be sure to verify website URL and it is highly recommended to never click on hyperlink URL. also it will be possible to report the phishing URL to Google safebrwosing So they can take necessary measures to stop the webserver.


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