Permission Manager – Kubernetes RBAC Framework

Permission Manager is an application developed by SIGHUP that enables a super-easy and user-friendly RBAC management for Kubernetes. If you are looking for a simple and intuitive way of managing your users within a Kubernetes cluster, this is the right place.

Permission Manager -  Kubernetes RBAC and Users Management Framework
Permission Manager – Kubernetes RBAC and Users Management Framework

role-based access control (RBAC allows administrator to organize users and access in the form of projects and give different permission to objects within these projects), as well as LDAP and AD support for user authentication.

With Permission Manager, you can create users, assign namespaces/permissions, and distribute Kubeconfig YAML files via a nice&easy web UI.

The application allows you to define and select permission standard templates (those defining who can do what, within a namespace or globally) and associate them with all the users you might want to create.

The template system is an abstraction over Cluster-Roles, RoleBinding, and ClusterRolesBindigs. SIGHUP application is handy to secure and automate permissions and roles assigned to users. This will make it easy to manage access roles for Kubernetes through Role-Based Access Control. Create users, assign a namespace / permission, and distribute Kubeconfig YAML files.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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