Password Cracking Arrives to the Cloud

PassDavid Campbell a security consultant made a study regarding password safety. the research has been based on the cost evaluation of cracking password with a paid service by Amazon EC2 web service.

The security expert found that for cracking 12 character password that is based on lowercase letters “a” and “z”, hackers would need to pay about 1,5 million dollars. While for 11 character the password costs 60 thousands dollars, and for 10 he can get the password for just 2300 dollars.

Mixing the password with numbers and letters will enhance the protection measures but not as needed. For example the coast to crack 10 combined characters alphanumeric is less than 60 thousand dollars while 11 characters hacker should spend 2.1 million. Adding special characters ([email protected]#$%) will make the price jump for more than 106 thousands for 8 character.

Cloud Computing has significantly reduced the coasts for purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment but its time to invest a part of the IT budget on solid encryption solution like two factor authentication or password managing solution, to eliminate different threats for password guessing and man in the middle attack.

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