Passware Kit 11.3 Tool to crack Apple FileVault Encryption

After introducing the first tool to crack Microsoft bitlocker encryption Passware company have created a new version that help user to have a full access to Mac FileVault disk encryption in a few minutes.

Mac OS X has a strong utility integrated that any person can use to encrypt files with a strong encryption key AES 128 bit. Well cracking the encryption is approximately impossible as this algorithm remains one of the most secure one but FileVault software contain vulnerability as it stores the encryption key in the RAM memory so here an attacker can easily get these keys to crack the encryption.

With the release of this feature, Passware also announces that the new Passware Kit Forensic 11.3:

  • recovers hashed passwords with Rainbow Tables
  • extracts passwords from encrypted Mac keychain files
  • builds a password list for its Dictionary attack based on the words detected in a computer memory” (1)

(2) Passware Kit Forensic 11.3 Screnshots

Up to now Passware Kit 11.3 intended to law enforcement agencies. While it is important for users to logoff your session as encrypting your files on Mac OS X is not enough secure.




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