Passpie – Multiplatform Command-line Password Manager

Passpie is a command line tool to manage passwords from the terminal with a colorful and configurable interface. Use a master passphrase to decrypt login credentials, copy passwords to clipboard, syncronize with a git repository, check the state of your passwords, and more.

Password files are encrypted using GnuPG and saved into yaml text files. Passpie supports Linux, OSX and Windows.

Passpie - Multiplatform Command-line Password Manager
Passpie – Multiplatform Command-line Password Manager

Current supported features are:

  • Add, update, remove credentials
  • Manage multiple databases. Locally and remotely
  • Copy passwords to clipboard or to stdout
  • List credentials as a table with colored output
  • Search credentials by name, login, comments or regulax expresions
  • Group credentials by name
  • Version control databases using git
  • Change passphrase and re-encrypt database
  • Export credentials
  • Import credentials
  • Generate random passwords
  • Generate database status report
  • BASH/ZSH/FISH completion
  • Undo/Redo changes to the database. (requires git)
  • Set a personal gpg key recipient
  • Per database keyring

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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