Passhunt Tool for Searching Default Credentials

Default passwords is the first account created by any vendor to manage a product. Sometime this can be admin/admin , admin/admin123 but not for all products. Usually vendors will change this settings to avoid putting customer exposed to attacks. keeping the default credentials is a bad practice but this is still common especially for users that have less security awareness training. If you are searching for a specific vendor default passwords list you can check Passhunt.

Passhunt is a simple tool for searching of default credentials for network devices, web applications and more. Search through 523 vendors and their 2084 default passwords. Vendor list include Cisco, Zyxel, D-Link, Symantec, Checkpoint, and more.

Passhunt Tool for Searching Default Credentials

Passhunt Tool for Searching Default Credentials

After Installing the tool user will have 3 options:

  1. This will print the list of supported vendors.
  2. Enter the vendor name and search for default credentials.
  3. To exit from the program.

The list of default passwords is obtained from All passwords and vendor list maintained by

You can read more and download the latest version over here:

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