Passbolt – Password Manager for Your Team

Passbolt is a free and open source password manager that allows team members to store and share credentials securely. For instance, the wifi password of your office, the administrator password of a router or your organisation social media account password, all of them can be secured using passbolt.

Passbolt - Password Manager for Your Team
Passbolt – Password Manager for Your Team

A password manager allows you to comfortably implement best security practices and therefore reduces the risks for you and your organisation.

With a password manager you can prevent your team from reusing the same password on multiple systems. You can also make sure they generate stronger passwords by default, since they do not have to remember them anymore. It also makes it easier to rotate credentials, e.g. help you change your passwords regularly, every 40 days for example.

Additionally, having an overview of who has access to what, allows you to reset passwords when somebody leaves your organisation. Reciprocally it can also help facilitate when someone is joining your team, since a new member can easily be given access to the all the password they need. It also prevents loss of credentials since you can perform backups.

The main benefits from this solution is:

  • Decrease password reuse
  • Implement password rotation
  • Increase password strength
  • Help on-boarding new member

You can read more and download the framework over here:

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