Param Miner – Burp Extension for Web Cache Poisoning

Param Miner is a burp extension that identifies hidden, unlinked parameters. It’s particularly useful for finding web cache poisoning vulnerabilities. It combines advanced diffing logic from Backslash Powered Scanner with a binary search technique to guess up to 65,000 param names per request. Param names come from a carefully curated built in wordlist, and it also harvests additional words from all in-scope traffic.

Param-miner - Burp Extension to Identify Web Cache Poisoning
Param-miner – Burp Extension to Identify Web Cache Poisoning

Web site caching made website loading faster and accelerated web usage this is for users who receive data faster and servers that save significant resources. Some environments are configured to serve static files from cache using specific extensions.

There are various examples of cache configurations and tuning, however, there are also vulnerable cache mechanisms that put the web server vulnerable to similar attack scenario.

To use this burp extension, right click on a request in Burp and click “Guess (cookies|headers|params)”. If you’re using Burp Suite Pro, identified parameters will be reported as scanner issues. If not, you can find them listed under Extender->Extensions->Param Miner->Output

You can also launch guessing attacks on multiple selected requests at the same time – this will use a thread pool so you can safely use it on thousands of requests if you want. Alternatively, you can enable auto-mining of all in scope traffic.

You can read more and download this plugin over here:

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