Panorama – Fast Incident Overview

Panorama was made to generate a wide report about Windows systems, support and tested on Windows XP SP2 and up. Basically the user will have a fast solution to get initial overview to the incident.

The tool doesn’t require admin permissions and yet can provide you a professional report on any Windows computer locally or throughout the network (Using without GUI).

Panorama - Fast Incident Overview
Panorama – Fast Incident Overview

Some of the information that will be displayed in the report include:

  1. Users – Password, Admin, Last logon, Last password update
  2. Startup commands – Command, Active
  3. Task scheduler – Name, Next run, Status
  4. Installed Softwares – List
  5. Recently used files – List
  6. Active processes – Name, ID, Communication
  7. Firewall – Status, Allowed applications
  8. Microsoft hotfixes – Date, List of packages

The tool allows to generate a text report or just to display the logs and information on GUI. This will provide some initial analyzes without going deep into the memory or local system configuration.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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