OWASP SecureTea Project

The OWASP SecureTea Project is application designed to help Secure a person’s laptop or computer with IoT (Internet Of Things) for notify users via twitter, whenever anyone accessing his laptop or computer. This application work using the touchpad / mouse / wireless mouse and developed in python.

The purpose of this application is to warn the user (via various communication mechanisms) whenever their laptop accessed. This small application was developed and tested in python in Linux machine is likely to work well on the Raspberry Pi as well.

OWASP SecureTea Project

OWASP SecureTea Project

It was written to be used by anyone who is interested in Security IOT (Internet of Things) and still needs further development.

How it functions:

  • Keep track of the movement of the mouse/touchpad
  • Detect who access the laptop with mouse/touchpad is installed
  • Send warning messages on Twitter

On the raoadmap developers planning to add other type of notifications via Whatsapp, SMS, Line and Telegram. You can read more and download this tool on the OWASP repo: https://github.com/OWASP/SecureTea-Project

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