OSRFramework – OSINT Research Framework

The first part of the attack usually is mostly based on intelligence which will allow attacker to select the correct tool, technique and strategy. This part is purely focused on getting more and more information about the target and based on the finding attacker will build the plan and attack scenarios. The success and quality of the attack depends on the quantity and quality of the data collected during the search task. If you are looking to collect and search information online you can use OSRFramework.

OSRFramework is a set of libraries developed by i3visio to perform Open Source Intelligence tasks. They include references to a bunch of different applications related to username checking, DNS lookups, information leaks research, deep web search, regular expressions extraction and many others.

OSRFramework - OSINT Research Framework

OSRFramework – OSINT Research Framework

The OSRFramework include several module that will allow user to get the following information:

  1. usufy – This module checks the existence of a profile for a given user in dozens of different platforms. There is a long list that include social network for example twitter, facebook. , pastebin running all will check about 309 platform
  2. domainfy – This will check the existence of domains and subdomains with the IP address.
  3. mailfy – will verify the existence of a given mail with different email providers such as icloud, gmail, yeah and zoho there is about 20 email provider.
  4. alias_generator – will try to create possible aliases based on the inputs known from a person.
  5. phonefy – will check the existence of a given series of phones in a bunch of phone number lists associated to malicious activities.

You can download and read more about this tool over here: https://github.com/i3visio/

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