Osmedeus – Recon and Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Osmedeus allows you automated run the collection of awesome tools to reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against the target. the tool will use several open source projects make port scanning , subdomain scanning, directory scanning or Git repository scanning.

Osmedeus - Automated Recon and Vulnerability Scanning Tool
Osmedeus – Automated Recon and Vulnerability Scanning Tool

You can use specific module or run the all options together. some of the features are:

  • Subdomain Scan – This is for Scanning subdomain and subdomain takerover
  • Screenshot the target.
  • Basic recon like Whois, Dig info.
  • Web Technology detection.
  • IP Discovery.
  • CORS Scan.
  • SSL Scan.
  • Headers Scan.
  • Port Scan.
  • Vulnerability Scan.
  • Seperate workspaces to store all scan output and details logging. REST API.
  • React Web UI.
  • Support Continuous Scan.
  • Slack notifications.

There is also Web UI that can be suitable in case you are looking to run command directly over the Web without connecting to the CLI. User may customize the test as required based on module and intensity of the remote scan.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/j3ssie/Osmedeus

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