OSForensics – New Release

We have posted previously about the OSForensics tool that has been in beta version, this utility is very solid in displaying all required information when conducting operating system investigation, According to PassMark Software this new version include several new features:

  • Added icon for mounted drives in recent activity list.
  • Fixed bug with cookie recent activity export not exporting date correctly.
  • Added silent copy to temp directory of registry files if they can’t be opened due to read-only error (eg mounted a disk image as read only)
  • Added retrieval of user assist items from registry to recent activity.
  • Improved internal viewer to better display various text document formats.
  • Fixed a crash creating a new case when entering too much data into the organization or contact fields.
  • Added warning message to disk imaging when trying to image a partition without a drive letter.

I highly recommend this tool as it makes all hidden information available in a fast and organized manner. you can download this release at the official website.

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