OPSWAT Security Score Simple tool to Audit OS Security level

Tools and programs for protecting your operating system are important in a way to make you sure that you have no gap can be used by malicious software to breach your system.

Today we are talking often about antimalware software that will protect system but this will not be enough without the correct security best practices, there is a free and interesting tool that you can use to assess your system security.

OPSWAT security score tool is a free program that will scan your computer to score the overall security. The tool checks several items including:

OPSWAT Security Score Beta_2013-01-05_19-17-45

  1. Firewall status to verify that it is enabled or not, it will also list all firewalls installed on the system.
  2. Public file sharing and here sometime users forget a file shared and this is not a good security practice so it will alerts about those files.
  3. Antivirus and the tool will check status of the AV, definition updates and last scan performed by user.
  4. Anti-phishing component in the browser to check if it is activated.
  5. Backup program exist on the system with scheduled backup operation.
  6. Patch management product installed for alerting about system and software update.
  7. Hard disk encryption tool to encrypt sensitive files and information

You can find more information and download the OPSWAT Security Score release on the official website.

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I’ve been using Security Score for quite a while and it looks like the official version has just been released, http://www.opswat.com/products/security-score