OpenStego – Tool for Data Hiding and Watermarking

OpenStego is a tool that may provide two main functionalities:

  • Data Hiding: It can hide any data within a cover file (e.g. images).
  • Watermarking: Watermarking files (e.g. images) with an invisible signature. It can help to detect unauthorized file copying.

Steganography is the science of hiding secret message inside another larger and harmless looking message. This is one notch above regular cryptography; which just obscures the original message.

OpenStego - Tool for Data Hiding and Watermarking
OpenStego – Tool for Data Hiding and Watermarking

Steganography tries to conceal the fact that there is a message in the first place. Steganographic message often appears to be something else than the original (secret) message, like a picture, sound, larger text, etc.

OpenStego will provide anti-forensics features include the following:

  • The tool is Java based and should run on all platforms supported by java. MS Windows and Linux supported, and should not have any problem on other platforms too.
  • It supports password-based encryption of data for additional layer of security with strong ciphers AES 128 and AES 256 algorithms.
  • It uses a plugin based architecture, where various plugins can be created for different kind of Steganographic / Watermarking algorithms. Currently, it supports two plugins – RandomLSB (Randomized LSB) for data hiding and Dugad’s algorithm for watermarking, but new plugins can be easily created for other algorithms. Plugins can also be easily added for other type of cover files like Audio files.
  • All functionality is accessible using command line.
  • Clean Java API available if someone needs to embed OpenStego in some another project.

You can read more and download this tool over here:

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