Open-source All in one Security Solutions (Part 2)

These days there are a great variety of security software designed to organize and manage global networks. Protecting internal resources from external threats, monitoring the network and blocking certain suspicious services is as a priority for any IT security professional.

One available solution is Smothwall.

Smothwall is a free, open source, customized distribution that includes a firewall, port forwarding features, VPN support, Web/DNS/POP3/SIP proxy, IM-proxy (MSN / AIM / ICQ / Yahoo) with pre-filters and traffic monitoring (based on IMSpector), and DHCP- server, NTP, QOS support. This is in addition to antivirus traffic scanning using Clamav.

After installing Smothwall you can configure it using the web page by accessing http://ip-address:81/ or https://ip-address:441/ where you will find the Control, About, Services, Networking, VPN, Logs, Tools, Maintenance, and you can adjust the settings as you wish.

By default the IDS is not activated unless you choose the option under the services to enable it. By using the Ajax admin, you can see the changes in real-time, and you can upgrade the distribution by clicking on the Maintenance and Update option

IPCop is another open-source security solution that has been focusing on SOHO users (Small Office, Home Office),and the includes everything you need to do packet filtering, IDS / IPS, Web and DNS proxy, DHCP Server / Client, Openswan, OpenVPN, and NTP-server.

The current version is IPCop Firewall 1.4.20 and available for download here.

The last solution in this series is Vyatta. Vyatta is Linux-based open source software providing routing, firewalling, VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and WAN load balancing services. The developer has managed to integrate in the Debian operating system the freely distributed routing platform XORP (eXtensible Open Router Platform) which is developed by ICSI (International Computer Science Institute) Berkeley.

Vyatta gives users a getway with IDS / IPS (Snort) functions, a caching proxy and filter URL (Squid & SquidGuard), network policies (Network Access Policies), OpenVPN, DNS Forwarding. And what makes it exclusive from all previous solutions is that you can perform configuration using Cisco commands.

As you can see there is a lot of network traffic controller solutions, if you want to work with Cisco commands you can use Vyatta, but for the linux distribution you have to untangle and Endain. for quick and easy usage , you can try IPcop and Smothwall.

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