OnionScan – Tool for Investigating The Dark Web

OnionScan is a free and open source tool for investigating the Dark Web. For all the amazing technological innovations in the anonymity and privacy space, there is always a constant threat that has no effective technological patch – human error.

OnionScan - Tool for Investigating The Dark Web
OnionScan – Tool for Investigating The Dark Web

When OnionScan detects a web server, the tool will scan for the following:

  • Apache mod_status Leak – Determine client IP, other sites co-hosting, Find secret or hidden areas of the web server.
  • Open Directories – Basic web security 101, allow to find interesting things like old versions of images, temp files etc. Many sites use common structures style/, images/ etc. The tool checks for common variations, and allows the user to submit others for testing.
  • EXIF Tags
  • Server Fingerprint
  • Analytics IDs -Some onion services use 3rd party analytics providers to track usage of their site. These providers often require a unique code to be embedded within the site – this code can be used to determine if two sites share a common operator or to find clearnet sites using the same code.
  • PGP Identities – the tool extracts PGP identities from webpages in order to grab identifiers like email address / identities & GPG versions
  • SSH – OnionScan collected information about SSH endpoints including software versions and the SSH public key fingerprint. These can be correlated against other onion services or clearnet servers in order to try and identifier the actual sever location.
  • FTP & SMTP – collected information from other non-web servers, most notably software banners. These banners are often misconfigured to reveal information about the target server – including OS version, and sometimes hostnames and IP addresses.
  • Cryptocurrency Clients – OnionScan scans for common cryptocurrency clients including Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  • Protocol Detection – OnionScan also detects for the presence of many other protocols including IRC, XMPP, VNC & Ricochet

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/s-rah/onionscan

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