OneSwarm a secure P2P file sharing utility

Peer 2 peer is a widely used protocol that help in sharing and connecting nodes on internet, I think any person in the past used all sharing programs such as Bittorrent , kazaa or napster which allows to exchange files , data and more. Peer 2 peer is good way to share files but it also contain risk. Download and install software packages from suspicious sources contain a risk of getting infected.

P2P not only spread malwares but also provides an effective way to control them, as all know that most popular zombies network are controlled by peer to peer. But now there is an innovative application that uses F2F or friend 2 friend sharing program called OneSwarm.

OneSwarm is a free application that helps you to share your data or file in a secure manner and with a full control, when you install the application you will notice that it will automatically open your default browser on localhost

First you start by inviting your friend to server by clicking invite button OneSwarm will launch your local email client to send invitation to different user with a unique code, this code is as one time password that will be used to connect the node.

From the security prospective OneSwarm is:

  •  “Privacy preserving: OneSwarm uses source address rewriting to protect user privacy. Instead of always transmitting data directly from sender to receiver (immediately identifying both), OneSwarm may forward data through multiple intermedaries, obscuring the identity of both sender and receiver. For more details, check out the papers below.
  •  User friendly: OneSwarm’s interface is web-based and supports real-time transcoding of many audio and video formats for in-browser playback, eliminating the need for casual users to master a new application’s interface or search for custom media codecs.
  • Open: OneSwarm is freely available and built on existing standards. OneSwarm can operate as a fully backwards compatible BitTorrent client, and its friend-to-friend data sharing features are built on cryptographic standards, e.g., X.509 certificates and SSL encryption.” (1)

The architecture for sharing files and information looks as follows (click to enlarge):

“Figure 1: An example of the range of data sharing scenarios supported by OneSwarm. Bob downloads public data using One-Swarm’s backwards compatibility with existing BitTorrent implementations, and makes the downloaded file available to other One-Swarm users. Alice downloads the file from Bob without attribution using OneSwarm’s privacy-preserving overlay, but she is then free to advertise the data to friends. Advertisements include a cryptographic capability, which allows only permitted friends to observe the file at.”(2)

Sharing sensitive files over OneSwarm network makes you able to keep them in control even if everything transmitted on internet. You can give permission to any friend that you are looking to share a file with or just with your home network without any risk that files be leaked. It is easy and simple to use with a real end-to-end security.


(2) Figure 1 from Privacy-Preserving P2P Data Sharing with OneSwarm

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