OKadminFinder – Admin Login Page Finder

OKadminFinder is an Apache2 Licensed utility, rewritten in Python 3.x, for admins/pentesters who want to find admin panel of a website. There are many other tools but not as effective and secure.

OKadminFinder - Admin Login Page Finder
OKadminFinder – Admin Login Page Finder

some of the features included with this program are:

  • More than 500 potential admin panels. This will be important especially it will be possible to find on one host different admin panels.
  • Tor & Proxy which will help to randomize the source IP and allow to bypass security filtering.
  • Random-Proxy and Random-Agents this will allow the scanner trick the target and make the customize the scan according to his need.
  • Console work with params, like: okadminfinder.py -u example.com --proxy
  • Self-Update

You can use the tool with different parameters and options like enabling Tor or proxy settings, set up the user agent or scan your target in interactive mode.

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/mIcHyAmRaNe/okadminfinder3

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