New Worm Attacking Skype users

logo_skypeSecurity experts at Trend micro warned of a new attack targeting Skype users, this attack are a Botnet similar to Koobface that made a big panic on Facebook.

According to the report the Botnet steals the users contact list, phone numbers, location,and other information on skype and it spread the malicious code over these contact contains URL links on the Instant message point to an infected website containing Trojan.

Here what is mentioned about the Botnet:

Though TROJ_VILSEL.EA’s behavior is largely similar to previous Koobface variants (the target application excluded), it is actually not a member of the infamous malware family. Both the malicious code and network behavior differ from previously known Koobface variants. It would not be a great surprise, however, if the actual Koobface cybercriminals produce their own variant with this behavior.

This development only highlights the ingenuity of cybercriminals in going after targets using tried-and-tested ways to spread their malicious creations. Trend Micro Smart Protection Network protects users from this attack by blocking access to the malicious URL, thereby preventing users’ systems from getting infected.

Now the most important is to make sure that you check the pc you use skype and other voip application from for rootkits and Trojans.

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