New security solution from Panda

panda security

Panda have recently released a new antivirus solution for Pcs and servers that are based on the concept of Software as a Service. in usual cases Implementing AV solution for companies can take a pretty long time and the management of this solution also demand a good number of specialist in the security area to maintain the logs make sure that all AV hosts are installed and there signature are up-to-date.

Personally I haven’t tried this AV solution but as a security consultant, I’m occasionally invited to remove malicious software from infected computers. There still no perfect anti-malware because each infection have a special way to remove .Now a day malware are having a very advanced way to hide in the system and defend them selves against anti-viruses, so it is always recommended to take the preventive measures against such a threat.

So my suggestion is to keep working with a limited account under windows system. To have the latest security updates. Configure your pc firewall software to not allow any unusual activities. and to keep your sensitive files out of network.

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