New Release for the WiFi Pineapple Hotspot

Hakshop online store have upgraded their release for the WiFi Pineapple with new important features for penetratiton testing and hacking different wireless network,  the device is now coasting about 89.99 USD and all you need to do is just to place it in an open area hotspot to start recording users keystrokes , online accounts and authentication credentials.

With the built in support  3G / 4G Modems you can put it at any point such as coffee shop or airports and connect to it over SSH to perform different attacks like MITM using urlsnarf, dnsspoof, ngrep. Or cracking wifi network with Reaver-WPS, Aircrack-NG, this beside MAC address changer in case of MAC security restriction applied so you can ban a Wi-fi user and take his place on the network.


If you are going to purchase the product you will get the Wifi Pinaples, US power plug, 5dBi Antenna, Retractable Ethernet cable, WiFi Pineapple Decal and the Quick start guide for usage. While to protect your home network make sure to apply the following:

  • Implement WPA2 to make it hard for attacker to get network traffic.
  • Make sure that network device administration allowed only for internal Local area network and for a single IP user.
  • Use strong passwords for the network administration and make sure to change it constantly.

For public wireless network it is very important to use a VPN so it can help to encrypt your network traffic and prevent any attacker to get your online activities. you can purchase WiFi Pineapple Mark IV by following this link.

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Manov rao

It’s really good thanks for sharing.