New Release for Secunia Corporate Software Inspector

Secunia has released a new version of the Corporate Software Inspector (CSI) 5.0, a tool for automatic patch management and vulnerability scanning, the program scans and removes all the defects of ready to run on corporate networks programs.

The new version Secunia CSI 5.0 raised the automatic patch management to the next level by simplifying processes and reducing the required amount of resources to ensure safety. This is an important step for Introducing automated patch management software to enterprises around the world, as patch management is central to ensuring companies information security.

Secunia CSI 5.0 have now features allows to scan Apple Mac OS X and has an enhanced solution management by controlling scan frequency, the centralized dashboard manage computers, start and schedule scans, view scan results, pinpoint vulnerable hosts and programs.

The dashboard is very light weight, in terms of required system resources – it has been designed with the purpose of running in the background for instant access to your results.

The Secunia Package System (SPS) enables the creation of packages that are fully customizable, meaning that it is possible to control every aspect of the package (update) that is deployed and executed on the client. Such flexibility enables you to control the execution flow, add multiple files to the same update package, perform configuration changes, and so forth, all through a simple wizard using standard techniques.

The extended control of your packages is of course optional. You can still create “normal” update packages in a matter of seconds by using the predefined SPS packages as provided by the Secunia CSI 5.0 for a wide variety of products.

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