New Cyber Security Awareness Campaign

The Hacker News lunched an initiative for the New Year release called “Enter At Your Own Risk” Cyber Awareness Campaign. This idea comes as a group of bloggers that will provide articles on magazine to raise the cyber security awareness.

Today all the world is connected to each other so we live in a common cyberspace that have no borders, this for sure brings new opportunities and benefit and at the same time it brings new risks.  A person that is living on the other end of the world is faced by the same threats and information security risks as another user from the opposite place in this world.

Malwares have no border and security challenges faces all the cyber community, this made me very happy to be involved in such action as I feel that I am also concerned to contribute and participate in multinational activities for all nations.

The Hacker News announcement states the following:


Cyber Security Awareness Campaign 

“The Hacker News & 5 Other Top IT Security Sites are Sponsoring a Special Edition January 2012 Magazine, That Features Articles & Commentaries on Cyber Security From :

1.) The Hacker News

2.) Security-FAQs

3.) SecManiac

4.) Korben

5.) Security-Shell

6.) SecTechno

Our goal is to provide the most up-to-date information on a wide variety of topics that address the tricky and complicated world of hackers and hacking. Cyber security is our Shared Responsibility. Everyone has the potential to make a difference and educate others. You can raise awareness within your community, no matter what your role is. We plan to provide useful information for our Readers who want to get educated by have a ready set of awareness tips.”

Stay tuned for more information on The Hacker News release and make sure to download your copy starting in January!

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