New Book: Cyber Warfare

“Cyber Warfare” a new book by Jason Andress and Steve Winterfeld, this book is designed to cover the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of today’s cyberspace conflicts. This is not a typical book about cyber warfare as it brings information in a way that can be used to establish a strategic cyber security vision for an organization and contribute to the national debate on where cyber is going.

In the book you can find list of different tools that can help in conducting Computer Network Operations (CNO), and methods that you can consider to defend against an attacker using them.  Social engineering and how it can be a dangerous threat vector to all organizations and individuals.  How security policies, culture, and training must be reinforced often to insure the workforce stays vigilant and how a great technical security infrastructure can be subverted by just going after the people.

Cyber Warfare Includes:

  1. Chapter 1: What is Cyber Warfare?
  2. Chapter 2: The Cyberspace Battlefield
  3. Chapter 3: Cyber Doctrine
  4. Chapter 4: Cyber Warriors
  5. Chapter 5: Logical Weapons
  6. Chapter 6: Physical Weapons
  7. Chapter 7: Psychological Weapons
  8. Chapter 8: Computer Network Exploitation
  9. Chapter 9: Computer Network Attack
  10. Chapter 10: Computer Network Defense
  11. Chapter 11: Non-State Actors in Computer Network Operations
  12. Chapter 12: Legal System Impacts
  13. Chapter 13: Ethics
  14. Chapter 14: Cyberspace Challenges
  15. Chapter 15: The Future of Cyber War
  16. Appendix: Cyber Timeline


Information security practitioners, network security administrators, computer system administrators, security analysts

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