Network Device Vulnerability Allows a Remote Access

At the annual international conference CanSecWest in Vancouver, ANSSI The French Network and Information Security Agency members demonstrated how an intruder can gain a complete control over a system remotely.

Speakers explained how an attacker may use certain vulnerability in the network devices to execute arbitrary commands on the victim machine. The presentation called: “Can you still trust your network card?”. The attack uses packets sent by the network device of the victim and enables attacker to conduct: Man in the middle Attack, access to the host cryptographic keys, and execution of malicious program on victim computer.

The presentation included a full description of the vulnerability, as well as a demo of the attack while the tool used for conducting this attack and the proof of concept exploit remains not published.

Here you can find the presentation:

The attack is possible on certain network devices model (Broadcom NetXtreme), with a certain condition (by enabling remote control Alert Standard Format 2.0) which is by default disabled. And According to the manufacture there is an update released to patch this vulnerability.

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