Netflix phishing page hosted to steal credit card details

Netflix is a cloud service that is widely used for watching movies online. over this week a new phishing compaign have been spotted by Malwarebytes that is targeting Netflix customer to grab sensitive information of subscribers. The phishing page is asking user to insert credit card credential as a way to verify user information. obviously all sensitive information are going to be sent to the cyber-criminal who controls the spoofed webpage.

The fake page URL is long so if browser will display only the first part of the link he will find it quite authentic…

Netflix3-965x395Netflix fake page sourced Malwarebytes

While many web browser include anti-phishing technology and this will block similar pages but it is always important to verify links before submitting any sensitive information and be sure that you have the https enabled to encrypt your connection with the website. The phishing domain is registered with “Crazy Domains  FZ-LLC” registrar and at the moment the hostage removed this fake page.

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