N-Stalker X – Next Generation Web Application Scanner

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner X is a sophisticated Web Security Assessment solution that incorporating the well-known “N-Stealth HTTP Security Scanner” and 39,000 Web Attack Signature database along with a patent-pending Component-oriented Web Application Security Assessment technology.

N-Stalker X - Web Application Scanner
N-Stalker X – Web Application Scanner

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner X Free Edition provides a restricted set of free Web Security Assessment checks to enhance the overall security of your web server infrastructure. The free edition will provide following information:

  • Web Server & Platform version vulnerabilities
  • SSL encryption and X.509 certificate vulnerabilities
  • HTTP Method Discovery Module
  • HTTP Fingerprint Module, including:
  • Web Server Fingerprint Module
  • Web Server technology Discovery Module
  • Directory Brute-Force
  • HTTP Protocol vulnerabilities

The latest release added new features to allow penetration tester to run parallel spider engine for more effective way to traverse targeted application and search for web interfaces. new way to integrate your own signatures into the inspection engine, Integrated web proxy spider engine to allow a drive-thru navigation and security testing for restricted and well-defined scopes.

User may open his browser to run planned test cases and record well-known application transactions that can be used for an extended security assessment.

The tool can be one of the user toolkit during software and application security assessment and get ready to integrate with Secure Development Life-cycle (SDLC).

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://www.nstalker.com/products/editions/free/download/

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