MultiObfuscator Protect Your Privacy

To protect any information you need to take some preventive measures, encrypting all sensitive resources will help in the security of these data, However if an attacker have a physical access to this media he will be able to restore or decrypt the whole storage.

One of the advanced tools to encrypt sensitive information is MultiObfuscator an open source utility that create a multi-layered security with 4 passwords and 16 block-based modern cryptography algorithms, by running the application you will have a menu with 4 buttons:

  • File Lock/unlock this will help user encrypt any file you just upload and choose how you are looking to set the output.
  • Text Lock/unlock here you just paste the text choose different passwords the tool also integrate a strong password check so short password are not allowed.
  • Quick Help here it will open the pdf Help file to find all functionalities
  • Home to get you to the tool hompage.

When you lock any file with MultiObfuscator you have a combined protection with cryptography and obfuscation , so even if your file is leaked it is nearly imposible to be used,  Author of this tool is Cosimo Oliboni an Italian researcher who has appreciated my previous writeup on OpenPuff.

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