Mozilla Fixes 9 vulnerabilities & adds a Crash Protection to Firefox

A new release has been issued by Mozilla. Firefox 3.6.4 is the first open source web browser that integrates the plugins functionality in the main process of the navigator. This release comes to decrease the number of Firefox crashes.

As usual you can find two versions for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Mike Beltzner wrote on the company’s blog that during beta testing the new feature has significantly reduced the number of freezing that users face while watching online videos or playing online games. At the same time this new release supports a functionality to protect users against plugin failures such as Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight.

All these functionalities comes with fixing 9 vulnerabilities, six are critical and allows and attacker to compromise the system and run a malicious software on the machine.

It is time to upgrade your browser and check if you have any update missed.

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