More than 1 Million Victims Used By Rmnet.12 Botnet

After Flashback operation where Doctor Web security software lab reported a 600 thousands infected Apple mac, new press release have been issued to another zombie network which contain more than one million hosts.

Win32.Rmnet.12 is the malware used in this attack and it targets windows based operating system to install backdoor and further stealing sensitive information on victim computer, methods for spreading this malware are USB devices or infected websites that contain a malicious VBScript.

The botnet was not big during the first phase with 173 thousand machines but this number is increasing very fast to make it pass the 1,400,520 in a few months.

Map for Win32.Rmnet.12 Botnet infection (click to enlarge)

To protect yourself be sure to apply the following:

  • Use a modern windows operating system including windows Vista or Seven as they contain more security modules to protect users.
  • Install security software that include antivirus, Host based intrusion prevention system, beside the workstation application firewall to filter and detect any suspicious behavior.
  • Use the administrator right only when they are really required.
  • Update all your third party applications like web browsers or pdf readers in an instant manner and you can use Secunia free solution to identify required patches.
  • Encrypt all your sensitive information with a solid encryption algorithm to prevent any data leakage or that another malware do it for you.


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