Mobius Forensic Toolkit 0.5.16

Forensic frameworks are important in running investigation and finding the root cause for any incident. open source programs are widely used for creating cases and gathering evidence.  one of the open source framework is Mobius Forensic Toolkit the toolkit is extensible to investigate data from several entries such as skype and windows operating system registry.

screenshot ForensicMobius Forensic Toolkit

After installing the framework you start by creating a case this will take the name of what you need to investigate and will contain the evidence for the incident. Next you add items that are related to the incident such as the hard disk or floppies. you need to add details and information about the category.

The following step you can use the Hive extension to browse the operating system registry and you can directly drag and drop suspected registry entries and the ones you need to investigate. You can also browse Skype logs using the Skype Agent extension all logs for the application are stored  in ApplicationData/Skype.  this will allow the forensic analyst to have calls, chats, contacts, file transfers, profile data, SMS and voicemails.

you can download the framework over this link:

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