MITMER- MITM Testing Tool

Securing the traffic in your network is important to prevent MITM attack that can be used to sniff sensitive information on your network. Some users may require to open sensitive portals of the office to make their work remotely without verifying the security of the network used. if you need to use non trusted network you should enable the VPN to make sure that all your traffic goes encrypted.

On the other hand if you decided to run a penetration testing on network then you can use several tools that allows to conduct Man in the middle attack testing and one of them is MITMER. the tool allows to have the following:

  • MITM attack on a specific host or all LAN hosts.
  • Show HTTP and DNS activity of attacked hosts.
  • Fake DNS queries asking about some website and redirects them to your PC.
  • Covert that website into a fake page and host it on your PC.
  • Reveal entered credentials into that fake page.

The tool is written in python using Scapy and allows to run ARP or DNS spoofing to redirect users to phishing website and have their credential  for GMAIL, Twitter, Facebook or other online service.

you can download the tool from this website:

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