Mimikittenz- A post-exploitation PowerShell Tool

mimikittenz is a post-exploitation powershell tool that utilizes the Windows function ReadProcessMemory() in order to extract plain-text passwords from various target processes. the PowerShell Tool can also easily extract other kinds of juicy info from target processes using regex patterns including but not limited to:

  • TRACK2 (CreditCard) data from merchant/POS processes
  • PII data
  • Encryption Keys & All the other goodstuff

Currently the tool is able to extract the following credentials from memory: Webmail (Gmail , Office365, Outlook Web) , Accounting (Xero , MYOB) , Remote Access (Juniper SSL-VPN , Citrix NetScaler , Remote Desktop Web Access 2012) Development (Jira , Github ,Bugzilla ,Zendesk ,Cpanel), IHateReverseEngineers (Malwr, VirusTotal ,AnubisLabs) , Misc (Dropbox, Microsoft Onedrive ,AWS Web Services ,Slack, Twitter ,Facebook).


Mimikittenz A post-exploitation PowerShell Tool

You can read more and download this tool over here: https://github.com/putterpanda/

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