Microsoft to Fix Four Critical Vulnerabilities With April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released an advance notification for this month security patches, the security bulletins include four rated as critical and going to fix bugs in windows 7 ,MS office 2010 , .Net and Internet explorer 9.

All of the critical updates are fixing remote code execution vulnerabilities and users need to restart their system to properly patch the bug, remaining vulnerabilities are rated as important and you also may require restarting system in order to fix both vulnerabilities.

Internet explorer update is listed in the first bulletin and it keeps one of the ultimate fixes a user needs to apply. Web browser is now the first way an attacker will think about to execute a malicious code and this vulnerability may allow an attacker to have control on victims computer using an infected website.

If you are using Microsoft based system make sure to review next patch Tuesday advance notification to prepare your infrastructure and plan how you will patch and restart affected softwares.

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