Microsoft to Fix 12 Vulnerabilities On Tuesday, While Sophos Alerts of fake Microsoft updates coming through email

PatchOn this Tuesday we are going to have the regular monthly update by Microsoft the release will include a set of patches to fix 12 problem, we can find among the patches a fix to Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability.

These releases are issued for windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008 as well as IE 8, Office XP and Office 2003. Three patches status are critical, this means that the impact allows a hacker to use these bugs to run an arbitrary command remotely.

Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability will also be among the patches this bug can allow attacker to run malicious software on the system like Trojan or rootkit to steal credential and data authentication, Microsoft already warned of an existing exploit for this bug and recommends all customers to prevent this attack by keeping antivirus up to date, using a good Pc Firewall and installing all previous patches.

On the other hand Sophos security lab alerted of a fake email message that includes a link to an executable file Windows-KBxxxxx-ENU.exe which contains malware Mal/EncPK-LL here you can find the email image:


The source of the message appears coming directly from Steve Lipner, Microsoft’s Director of Security Assurance, it is here important to be careful and not follow direct links to executable files and make sure that you are updating your system from a trusted sources.

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