Microsoft Take Down Zeus Banking Trojan Servers

Microsoft are working with Financial Services Industry Leaders to track ZeuS command and control servers that are located all over the cyber space, ZeuS is a malware that are stealing sensitive banking credentials, this step is very important as it may cleans the cyberspace from certain malwares.
Microsoft have already made a previous operation for getting down Rustock the largest spamming botnet in the globe which have resulted a huge decrease in the amount of spams globally.

Technically ZeuS family botnet have made several remarkable changes in the C&C servers to avoid detection such as using small number of bots and SSL encryption for commanding the zombie. Here it’s not a usual malware that will crash your machine but it only focuses about getting the money and making some transaction for botnet controllers.

By checking ZeuS tracker at which is a web resource for ZeuS information we found that the malware is very active and we still find low antiviruses detection rate, which means that there are samples may bypass all security software’s.

you can read the full statement by Richard Domingues Boscovich Senior Attorney, Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit by folowing this link:

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